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Give Yourself a Gold Star is a Goldwork Embroidery Kit which introduces some key Goldwork techniques as well as Mounting techniques to turn your piece into a beautiful brooch, perfect for adding sparkle to a Christmas outfit!

The kit includes full instructions on how to embroider and make up your brooch including  Felt Padding, Pearl Purl and Chipping, Running Stitch, Lacing and Ladder Stitch.

Also in your kit are all the materials needed to make up the brooch including 100% Irish Linen with printed design for the front and back of the brooch, metal threads (Bright Check Purl and Purl Purl),a gold plated brooch pin, a fabric cover button, felt for padding, needles, beeswax, sewing threads as well as a mini velvet board to help with cutting metal threads.

This kit is suitable for all levels of embroiderer from beginner upwards.

Goldwork Embroidery Kit: Give Yourself a Gold Star

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